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Allan Galgut
Insurance Professional
La Jolla, CA

Galgut is a long-respected insurance professional with experience in both the US and South Africa going back nearly 30 years. He came to the insurance business after a rewarding career as a pharmacist and former Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Society of the Free State.

Though Galgut had impressive qualifications and experience, as well as a unique talent for treating insurance as an aspect of healthcare, he wanted to share his knowledge and become even more enmeshed in his local community. He hired us to perform a positioning study and develop a unique selling proposition for him, to differentiate himself from other insurance providers. Our focus led us to revamp his written communications and set up speakerships at venues throughout San Diego County.  Galgut states:  "Your unique slant on things has astounded me.  I am no neophyte, having owned several successful businesses, yet your thinking has caused me to see myself and my business in new ways.  Just as one example, after you re-wrote my biography based on information I supplied to you, I read it, then turned to my wife and remarked 'This fellow sounds so interesting; I would like to meet him!' Further, your implementation of this thinking has already resulted in new opportunities for me professionally, and will continue to do so.  You are smart and efficient, and I truly enjoy both the process and the results of working with you."