Mona Zemsky is the principal and founder behind M.Source which she established in 2008. Marti Colwell joined as her partner to expand the reach and scope of M.Source. Both Zemsky and Colwell are marketing and public relations professionals and, as importantly, creative problem-solvers, with 20+ years of broad experience. They view marketing as a discipline that involves positioning, messaging and branding, as well as marketing communication, promotion and business development. Key to all activities is their belief that the strategies offered and tactics implemented must lead to measurable metrics -- a belief their clients share.

The M.Source thinkers combine freelance flexibility with a keen understanding of how companies work. They are reliable and persistent -- and passionate about the success of clients and projects.

Zemsky and Colwell are widely respected thinkers, strategists, collaborators and writers -- and well-known names in many industries. They are also authors, expert sources, featured speakers and presenters for dozens of publications and associations. Click here to see a partial list.

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