University of San Diego School of Law, Liz Rhodes, Assistant Dean External Relations
"Mona is a close advisor to my team in general marketing, messaging, social and digital media strategy. Her consulting accelerates results. She turns ideas into actions and has a particular genius at taking projects that are stuck and giving them an effective launching pad. We enjoy the ongoing relationship and appreciate the additional capacity she lends to our teams."

Rayotek Scientific, Inc, Bill Raggio, President & CTO and Jessica Yadley, CFO
"I like working with you; you're smart, witty, and have a very positive attitude. It's been a real pleasure! Thank you for all of your help and input. You've helped us stretch and grow."

CyberArts, Inc, Ken Arnold, CEO
"I have been involved with starting four software companies -- and have called on Marti to assist with each of them. They hit the ground running, providing a full range of marketing functions for the over-committed CEO who cannot afford (or chooses not to have) an in-house marketing department. The guidance they have provided has been invaluable. They gave me everything I needed -- from the strategic to the tactical. I especially appreciate their crisp writing, ability to work with our customers and creative marketing concepts."

TeamStream, Max Dunn, President & CEO
"They have proven themselves a valuable partner in our corporate communications program. While directing our company's branding and positioning, the professional insights we received from their team enabled TeamStream to expand our market presence, leading to greater profitability and an acquisition. They also successfully generated press and analyst briefings that put us on the 'map'."

Ahura Technology, Inc. and Integrated Software & Devices Corp., Reza Soliman-Noori, President & CEO
"I was not a strong proponent of the value of marketing, but the agency taught me that there was a discipline and methodology to marketing after all! They delivered measurable results that helped us to achieve our goals. They were creative, responsive, efficient and accountable. While they carried out many tactical programs, their approach was very long-term and strategic."

Infonet Services Corporation, Alex Rassey, VP of Corporate Marketing
"Over the course of eight years they have consistently delivered for Infonet - from press releases and client profiles to articles and public relations. The agency's ability to work effectively with our clients, understand their environments, be sensitive to their needs and develop powerful relationships that assist Infonet in promoting its brand has been exceptional. We appreciate their excellence in communications.."

Illinois Nut & Candy, David Levine, President
"I trust Mona to push me to think in different ways. Her decisions and suggestions have our best interests and ROI in mind."

National Beauty Service, Bob Cutler, Owner
"You are the rare combination of book smart and street smart, which gave you insights and perspectives that were invaluable to helping us grow..."

American Dental Supply, Ricky Hochhauser, President
"You grasped our sense and style immediately... deep understanding of market niches and needs... proactive and inventive... new angles, new opportunities and new ideas."

MosquitoMax Misting Systems, Jeff White, Owner
"You were really valuable in helping us get our message out in numerous ways -- you're very knowledgeable, professional, personable and more."

Sami Dinar, Real Estate Entrepreneur & Broker
"You were able to quickly grasp our market needs and communication challenges and deliver a completed project in a dynamic and timely manner. You also gave me honest feedback."

Allan Galgut, Insurance Professional
"Your unique slant on things has astounded me."

Moffat Financial, Clark Moffat and Jonathan Moffat, Principals
“...on target, efficient and insightful.”

First Community Management, Michael Rutkowski, Owner
"I've had nothing but positive experiences working with you."

Bird-X, Inc., Ron Schwarcz, President
"...your dedicated service for all these years... your willingness to stay to recruit and fully train a replacement... a large contribution to our company's future."

Scrubbish, Warren Bishop, Owner
"...a creative, informative and reliable professional."