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American Dental Supply (dental manufacturing company)
Ricky Hochhauser, President
Allentown, PA

American Dental Supply is a leader in dental laboratory materials, grown from a home-based business over the past 35 years. In many cases their chemists have developed the “industry’s only” version of products without undesirable traits, possessing added benefits, or both. The products give them an edge in pure product comparison, and the chemical team allows for instant answers and modifications — so often absent in today’s trend toward price-based marketing.

Despite its strong presence, ADS was seeking ever-stronger relationships with its current distributors and introductions to potential distributors. Ricky Hochhauser hired us to act as her proxy in several regional markets, re-introducing the ADS products in a proactive style to dental industry distributors.  Hochhauser states:  "After nearly two decades of working with you as a fellow dental industry vendor, I knew and trusted your reputation, your knowledge, your professionalism and your instincts. You grasped our sense and style immediately, and used it to introduce us with passion and a deep understanding of market niches and needs. Even beyond what I asked of you, you were proactive and inventive and strove to find new angles, new opportunities and new ideas as far as our relationships with dealers."