Our experience offers clients a faster time-to-results -- including increased market presence, heightened corporate and product exposure and enhanced credibility.

Deliverables range from the basics:

to the advanced:

Project Profiles.

Boutique trial law firm in San Diego -- revived marketing role, set priorities and processes

Tech manufacturer/engineering company in San Diego specializing in glass and sapphire -- think windows for space shuttles -- created marketing manager role, set priorities, developed processes, trained principals and employees

Top-tier HVAC & Plumbing Company in Chicagoland -- stepped in as virtual CMO to oversee short- and long-term projects, coach employees and oversee vendors

Former prison psychologist turned motivational speaker and author of ‘Did you Hear what I Think I Said’ -- brought in to increase this organization’s third-party credibility

High-end family law firm in San Diego -- filled the unserved Public Relations and Writing niche

Pre-launch start-up home services company in San Diego -- stepped in to help organize plans and boost sales; owner's original goal was to franchise but he took an early opportunity to sell

Premier law school in San Diego -- stepped in when long-term Marketing Manager left unexpectedly to oversee projects, coach employees and give insight into long-term decisions

Niche online school --