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Warren Bishop, Owner
San Diego, CA

Scrubbish, an innovative, environmentally-friendly service concept, is completely brand new and out of the box in San Diego, though it’s common in Bishop’s native Australia. The Scrubbish rig follows the city’s garbage pickup truck on its route, picks up the freshly-emptied can (called a wheelie bin in Australia) of each client and power washes, sanitizes and deodorizes it — right there on the rig. Then they put it back in place for the homeowner, just as it was. They don’t leave a drop of water or chemical or any other waste on the ground; they take it all with them. You’d never know they were there, except that it would look as if your horrifying mess of a garbage bin had been replaced with a new one! What a great way to guard against nasty smells, fungal growths, bacteria, rodent-attracting qualities and general disgustingness normally associated with garbage cans.

Our first task was to name the company (the working name was Wheelie Bin Cleaners) -- we’re sure we found a winner with the use of scrub and rubbish to form Scrubbish. The second task was to develop the logo. Marketing collateral material followed, as did some new-customer-generation activities. “When looking for a name and brand identity for our new company, I was lucky enough to come across you and your work. It was important to me to make sure we had the right fit — that you understood my niche and my goals. You grasped the ‘sense’ of our company right away, and focused on the benefits and selling points for clients. From the outset you gave us great service and numerous different possibilities. When necessary you gave us feedback and advice which was extremely beneficial. We were more than thrilled with one of your promotion activities for our launch -- in just three days we gained 105 new customers, and watched 'unique visitors' to our site increase by over 300 times. It’s great to be able to have all my needs taken care of under one roof, by a creative, informative and reliable professional. I need look no further than M.Source,” states Bishop.