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Rayotek Scientific, Inc.
Bill Raggio, President & CTO and Jessica Yadley, CFO
San Diego, CA

Rayotek Scientific, Inc. is a high-profile, high-tech corporation that provides both engineering and a stock product line to support a large worldwide customer base including most major prime contractors, US and foreign governments, national labs and Fortune 500s. This growing small business (28 employees) sought out and hired M.Source:

First, an engagement to train staff and principals in sales and marketing. Rayotek was ready to expand and grow but needed guidance in optimizing sales and marketing, and in differentiating between the two.

Second, an engagement to take charge of the marketing process and build the marketing function. Deliverables included reviewing and researching internal assets as well as the competitive landscape, developing methods of categorizing prospects and customers by industry, implementing source tracking for prospects, implementing social media training -- particularly LinkedIn for prospecting and database development, developing training for trade show sales and technical staff, reviewing the current calendar of trade shows, conferences and other events and recommending participation in future events, simplifying forms and documents related to the sales process, developing content and a template for a monthly email newsletter, overseeing recruitment for a technical sales staff, overseeing content for two video series – one technical how-to and one company introduction and expertise, weighing in on design and content of line cards and logos, overseeing SEO vendors.

Third, an engagement to continue to build and maintain the marketing function. Deliverables included weighing in on web developer selection, building content for a customer-friendly and search-engine-friendly information portal on the web site, continuing to train staff on social media, supporting conference participation, streamlining the sales process, growing the email newsletter database, monitoring and reaching out to media and influencers, and securing speaking engagements.

Zemsky was particularly pleased when, at a company-wide meeting just one month into the engagement, President & CTO Raggio remarked that though Zemsky was a contractor, she was already part of the team and it seemed as though she was an employee.

Later, Raggio commented “I like working with you; you're smart, witty, and have a very positive attitude. It's been a real pleasure!” -- CFO Yadley added “Thank you for all of your help and input. You've helped us stretch and grow.”