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Moffat Financial
Clark Moffat and Jonathan Moffat, Owners
Vista, CA

Moffat Financial Group pays tribute to founder Clark Moffat’s dentist father. Inspired by decades of watching his dad’s futile, unwise investments, Clark built a career as a financial advisor specializing in counseling dental professionals. His is a boutique planning firm that helps clients maximize financial success now and throughout retirement.

The Moffats are extremely successful at getting clients and building long-term relationships, once they’ve had a chance to meet. The goal was to get more professionals interested in a meeting. They hired us to perform a positioning study and develop a unique selling proposition to differentiate themselves from other financial planning professionals. Using this new focus we revamped the written communications. In an effort to build even more credibility, we pitched our story to trade press editors. Our article recently ran as a three-page feature in Orthodontic Products magazine. A different version ran as a Viewpoint in Dentistry Today.

“Over the past two years of working with you, I have always found you to be on target, efficient and insightful. You are great at taking a task, doing your research and coming back to me with options for how to proceed in the project at hand. I have been very pleased with your work, and with the credibility and branding of my organization that have come as a result,” states Clark Moffat.