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Bird-X, Inc. (manufacturing and direct marketing company)
Ron Schwarcz, President
Chicago, IL

Schwarcz was Zemsky’s supervisor and mentor for eighteen years at Bird-X, Inc., an entrepreneurial company in the businesses of humane bird and pest control, dental supplies and materials, propagation aids, low-wattage radiant heaters and more.

Hired as Marketing Manager, Zemsky’s challenges and responsibilities were vast and varied. A brief sampling of successes include:

Over the years, Schwarcz made many, many statements of a complimentary nature, but this comment was emblematic of the entire relationship: Year-end performance bonuses were significant, though never in company history were they awarded unless an employee finished the entire year. When Zemsky resigned mid-year, Schwarcz wrote: “We believe that a good portion of our bonuses are based on the anticipated future benefits to the company, and it is my decision that you will receive a pro-rated bonus dependent on when you leave and a number of other factors. My feelings are based not only on your dedicated service for all these years, but on your willingness to stay to recruit and fully train a replacement – which is a large contribution to the future of the company.”